ASME Pressure Vessel Heads

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Spherical, Hemispherical, Elliptical, Ellipsoidal Tank Heads

Open die hot-formed, seamless tank heads.  All heads are descaled after hot-forming. Dished Only heads are provided oversized and untrimmed; other heads are provided with square trim or bevel (sketch may be requested for review for special bevels).  All product is produced from available tooling to hot-form.  Special tooling can be reviewed and possibly offered.

PRESCOR specializes in 2:1 Elliptical, Weld Caps, Hemispherical and Dished Only heads, and has some tooling for Flanged Only, Flanged and Dished, and special configuration heads.  We can provide square trim. Keep in mind single outside bevel is always available.  Single inside bevels, double bevels, and special bevels are available if formed item is thick enough.  A description or sketch may be required for review.

Certifications to standard ASME requirements such as UG-77 (traceability), UG-79 (forming), UG-81 (tolerances), UCS-79 (heat treat), UCS-85 (heat treatment of test pieces must match final heat treat of item) are standard procedure.  Other certifications may be available; some require special testing. 

Special tests by independent outside labs can include ultrasound (SA435, SA578, SA577), either before forming or before and after forming; toughness (Charpy Impact Tests); tensile and/or toughness in Post Weld Heat Treat condition, or other special tests allowed by ASME code (magnetic particle test, liquid dye penetrant test, hot tensile test, product analysis, etc.).  Some special tests may be quoted as "pass or fail".

Every stage in our manufacturing operation has quality control responsibilities.
Our qualified sales staff brings experience from our own shop, our documentation and shipping office, and outside skills in engineering and customer service.

Our stock heads are SA-516-70(N), hot-formed and in our yard (subject to prior sale) to be cleaned and trimmed within 2 to 3 days from your order. 

Revisions, modifications, or cancellations of confirmed Purchase Orders are subject to charges to be assessed by management.

Purchase Orders which are sent by fax, e-mail, or voicemail are not accepted, unless you receive an acknowledgement with a six-digit PRESCOR job number. In order to change, modify, or cancel a Purchase Order, you must speak to a member of our sales staff during office hours. PRESCOR is not responsible for any changes, modifications or cancellations that are not communicated verbally to one of our sales staff during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm Central Time. We are closed for lunch from Noon to 1:00.


ASME Pressure Vessel Heads

A pair of 96"id x 2"nominal 2:1 Elliptical heads

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